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No wonder our kids are so ill informed- A college professor went off on president-elect Donald Trump in her Orange Coast College class. And now the student is faced with threats of legal action and expulsion.  Apparently this student is not a liberal snowflake, he is in the college Republican group. And then there is this on the racist anti racist rhetoric.  It is a strange world we are living in now.

Joohn Glenn’s life was remarkable, his wife Annie’s life was too.

Harry Reid thinks he did just fine with the Democrats, but the Republicans would be wrong to try it.

Fact checker gives Obama and Josh Earnest two Pinocchios.

What African Americans have to gain by a Trump presidency.  Written by a black Republican.

Trump hires a third general, raising concerns about heavy military influence   Well, yes he has, but do the Dems remember how many Obama had on his team?

The World Fears America and that’s a good thing.

America the Dumping Ground  Of course we have been a dumping ground before when certain colonies were used to ship debtors and other felons out of England.  That really was different.

The illegal immigrant wanted for allegedly killing two people in a hit-and-run case in Kentucky had been deported eight times, the Department of Justice has confirmed.

Who do you trust on the economy-Obama or your own lying eyes?   Even though the media says we are in a jobs boom, we are not  and I don’t have to tell you to read this for you to believe we are not.

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