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This federal judge thinks the electors in Colorado are trying a political stunt in trying to overturn state law so they don’t have to vote for Trump.  He was explicit in his decision. Read this to see what he said.

Leaderless and lacking a strategy, top party officials worry they’re not ready for Trump’s first 100 days.

You may have been seeing some fake news spread by left wing news sources.

The real figures on how many actually gained insurance because of Obamacare.  

America’s Animal Farm – Again.   

Detroit has some explaining to do, why do the ballot counts show more votes than they can find ballots?

The Energy Dept. refuses to comply with Trump’s request for names of those working on climate change.  Now if they would just realize climate data is not supposed to be propaganda I could go along with that.

Jake Tapper calls out Slate for misquoting Kellyanne Conway and writing a false narrative of it.

I suppose you’ve all heard this by now, but Bill Gates said Trump is the new JFK.  Well, as current Democrats go, JFK couldn’t  possibly be one of them, so we’ll just take Gates quote for what it’s worth, and that is whatever anyone wants to make of it.

What’s behind Trumps move to the right?

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