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What purple America wants from Trump.

Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn’t Influence the Election   Well, that’s interesting. Sounds like Comey was acting purposely to thwart Hillary. I wonder if he was the leaker?

Rent a voters pass millions in debt while Tea Party activists face prison. As far as I am concerned MUD districts are nothing but trouble.

Liberals wonder why we think they have a bias,  this is why.

Of course Clinton and Obama are behind the big push to sway the electoral college.

I’ve been wondering why no one has brought this up.  This is from the liberal Huffington Post.  The US has been meddling in other countries affairs for a century, It doesn’t feel good.

Apparently the DHS really did hack into Georgia’s Secretary of State’s offices, multiple times.

This talks about the media regaining the public trust.  I’m not sure it’s possible.

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