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A person who did not vote for Trump reports on jury duty with Tillerson.  She found him to be a very honorable person.

Merrick Garland supporter loses bid to have him voted on in Supreme Court.

US judge orders unsealing of search warrant issued for Clinton’s emails.

Obama advised Trump to “never overdue executive orders.”  Someone needs to explain irony to Obama.

More irony here – remember when Feinstein wanted Brennan investigated for integrity? Now he is a reliable source.

The Senate left town with 99 judicial vacancies as well as the Supreme Court vacancy.  Planning ahead?  How did they know?

Why this part Japanese woman hasn’t learned a lesson from her great grandparents, grandparents and parents is a question to me.  Is she blaming Trump for the internment camps, does she realize it was FDR the almost socialist, communist democrat president who did it?

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