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I’m not one to go for boycott’s but I’m not a fan  of Kellog’s cereals anyway.  I need to look into what all they produce. Uh oh, some of my favorites here in this list of all their products.

Twilight of the pop culture gods

Another charge against Trump: libido-crusher!  This isn’t just about sex, it is about a belief system.

That Iran deal is much worse that they admitted, and as bad as we thought.

Thomas Sowell has retired and is now only taking pictures, here is his farewell column.

Trump’s Victory Is a Pivotal Turning Point in Human History

UH OH: Leaked Document: U.S. Colluded With Palestinians 10 Days Before UN Settlements Vote.

Related: Transcript claims to show US worked with Palestinians on UN resolution: Report published in Egypt has Kerry and Rice advising senior Palestinians on strategy at UN and after Trump takes power.

From Instapundit. This is a big deal. Is it true? The State Department denies it, natch, but it fits. And the leak is quite damaging. This is what you get when you spend eight years ignoring communications security and then try to pull a fast one. I guess that’s called “smart diplomacy.”

Two articles, one an editorial from the Washington Post.  Notice how the one from the Washington Post refers to Venezuela : This month its 31 million people lurched a big step closer to that breaking point, thanks to another senseless decree by its autocratic populist government.                                                                                                                                           as  the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby says this: The so-called Bolivarian revolution over which he — and later his handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro — presided, was an unfettered, real-world example of anticapitalist socialism in action.  I do believe the Post is denying the roots of socialism as the real cause of the problem of autocracy and refers to it instead as populist, to make us think Trump’s win is populism and not anti-socialism.

If you think Obama didn’t plan the Israeli put down in the UN in advance, read this.

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