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I wish all of you a good, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This is a long list of links I have gathered over several days.  Busy days.

The California gathering that Hatched plan to prosecute climate skeptics.  

Have you heard about the mysterious illness tied to marijuana use?

Does this man have some sort of neurological illness, or is he just evil?

We aren’t the only ones thinking Obama is having a temper tantrum.

Peggy Noonan writes about a man who has toured the country, a Progessive who sees why Trump won. Read it, you might understand.  Oh right, YOU already did.

CNN got caught running real Fake news.

The Democrats have a Religion Problem

Putin is one-upping Obama, waiting for Trump

The British are not following Kerry and Obama’s lead on Israel.   But according to this Obama is planning more mischief with the Palestinian Authority.

Alan Dershowitz threatens to leave the Democrat party if they appoint Ellison as leader

Thomas Sowell’s last column. He says what he is thinking. So many quotables in this column, you’ll just have to read it all. 

Also read this Victor Davis Hanson column, This is the beginning: Nations are collections of human beings, and human nature has not changed, despite Obama’s pleadings.

And to end the year, another of my favorites Richard Fernandez on Witchcraft. Which reminds me that when I first convinced the director of our literacy group VITA, to use computers her term for how computers work was “Magic.”  She was right, that must be it.




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