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More brainwashing in sight for the students of today.

FBI quietly releases 300 pages of Hillary email investigation. 

It’s not often I would take the word of Piers Morgan, in this about Meryl Streep, I will.

Democrats Who Will Scrutinize Trump’s Education Pick Attended Private Schools

Obama’s Final Gift: Uranium Headed To Iran

 Obama has more in mind than dissing Trump’s election, it is a federal power takeover to “protect elections from hacking.”  Apparently too many Americans think it was the election that was hacked not the DNC, 52% according to a poll. All is proceeding as planned.

 Politicized science strikes again. Barack Obama, Climate Scientist.  According to my resident scientist there is much pushback going on over this.

 This new blog has some interesting stuff.  This on the truth of the hacking, I think he doubts the conclusions. There’s more to unpack in the report, but that will do for now. Everyone should remember that DNI James Clapper flat-out lied under oath to the US Congress about the NSA spying on all of us, and had to go back and apologize for his lies … so nobody should be surprised that he is lying to us now about Putin and WikiLeaks.

When James Clapper got away with perjury.

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