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Obama admits he is partly responsible for his party being destroyedActually, I do not believe he is the reason, he is their token behind the reason.  Reid, Feinstein, Pelosi, and many others had a huge hand in the downfall of the party. I am afraid it is NOT destroyed, just delayed.

Jesse Ventura stymied by the Supreme Court.  He isn’t going to get rich off the widow of Chris Kyle.  Good news.  He may pursue it later but I hope common sense prevails.

Remember when Hillary said this about Trump: “What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?”  Well, well, well, that would be Hillary.   H/T Hot Air.

We are already seeing this.  The Global Benefits of Trump’s Swagger.

Russian Scientists are warning of a new ice age actually, they aren’t the only ones.

I find this man’s reaction to a plumber to be very paranoid.

Is perception reality? What’s really behind the Russian Hacking Scheme.

At Last! An article on the Russian’s backing of anti-fracking protests. I’m still waiting for the expose’ of the Occupy Wall street involvement.

The mysterious missing hard drive, now found, holds incriminating emails.

What Exactly is Trumpism?  As explained by Victor Davis Hanson.

Did we lose all medical privacy with Obamacare? Why, yes, yes we did. This is pretty harsh towards an Obama Commissar.


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