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Why liberals are so resentful of middle class Americans.

Washington Post reporter caught sneaking taking pictures of Rex Tillerson’s personal notes.

The Ukraine tried to boost Hillary over Trump, funny we didn’t hear about this until yesterday and only here.

It is very hard to find the actual source of a hacking or attempted hacking.

Obama’s Intel officials used that fake report on DJT to warn Israeli Intel not to trust him.  I hate to see such partisanship in our supposed intelligence community. Furthermore the authors of that rumor were also linked to trying  to support Planned Parenthood’s claim of doctored videos on the selling of baby body parts.  Now Stem Express, former Planned Parenthood partner, has dropped its lawsuit against pro-life journalists.

This is a non surprise: Soros funded groups back anti-Trump women’s march.

Time for heads to roll – past time in my opinion.

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