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More than one Soros is the fly in the ointment of Democrat policies. Or maybe that would be to the rest of us as conservatives.  Anyway, more than one Soros equals more than one problem.

Some in the Davos convention groups realize they may be wrong, on some things at the least. Globalism is for the elite.

Five Big Myths about Obamacare repeal.

A good article about the Trump phenomenon.

It’s really, really cold out there.  A freeze on the Black Sea;  a freeway closed by snow in California.

Another crime against Muslims found to be a hoax or just a lie.

The EPA is so corrupt, I do hope we get one that will at least be honest in what damage it does.

Those latest Clinton emails are the most damaging.  For what it’s worth.

The cops as pigs painting is coming down.

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