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The Trump supposed dossier was truly a shameful combination of anti Trump Republican, anti-Trump intelligence officials, anti-Trump Democrats and anti-Trump Press.  I tried to find a link to get behind the Wall Street Journal paywall on this but could not find onem so we’ll have to go with this very good article explaining the article.  Bob Woodward says the so called dossier is garbage.

A new news source that could use our support.  Frankly, I had never noticed it but Politico apparently sees it as a rival.

The decimation of the Democratic Party came because Mr. Obama turned out to be great at poetry and bad at prose.  A no excuses article on what went wrong for the Democrats.

One of the reason the Mainstream Media is so worried, more people will be at press briefings, better chances of showing their bias to others.

Democrats are petty and bullies, they are trying their best with the help of media to scuttle the Trump presidency even before it gets started.

We’ve all heard of low-information voters. Meet low-information protesters.

 Seen on Facebook but copied from Instapundit. “While everyone was banging on about Trump being Hitler, Obama sent thousands of troops into Poland. The satire is writing itself these days.” 

Don Surber put this succinctly: Clintons shut down their fake charity. 22 laid off   Ringling Brothers is not the only circus shutting down.
Unable to peddle influence, Hillary and Bill Clinton are shuttering their Clinton Global Initiative effective April 15. This means 22 people will lose their jobs.`  Actually this was planned before the election, they thought if she were president it would be a conflict of interest, just as it was as Secretary of State/

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