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The first three links are from several days ago and got lost in the process.

What Did Republican Never Trumpers think would happen, oh right, they never expected him to be elected. Daniel Drezner on Elections have consequences.

Walter Williams on how the Left’s Narrative on Crime is making black lives worse.

Didn’t we see all the latest headlines in Spy vs. Spy a long time ago?

The New York Times is caught in a lie, or maybe just a sin of omission and jumping the gun on a story. Here is more on false stories.

Maybe the headline writer didn’t see the irony in this as a headline: Trump’s Cabinet doesn’t look much like America- It looks more like his voters.  The idea they are trying to promote is that it isn’t diverse enough just old white men.  But his voters were NOT just old white men, and some of the women may object to be lumped into that description. Why should his cabinet NOT reflect his voters?

Obama’s Biggest Whoppers, as recounted by the WaPo FactChecker.  I haven’t read the article but I am willing to bet it doesn’t include them all.

Ann Althouse on the books and magazines on the day of Obama’s Inauguration. They worship at his altar.

Sometimes Less is More  That time when Venezuela took over ExxonMobile.

Steven Hayward at Powerline takes the Washington Post to task for a really,  really bad headline.

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