President Trump inaugurated plus Links and Comments

Today has been quite a day.  I’ve spent it with every TV in the house on watching inauguration and the festivities associated with it.  Can I stop holding my breath now.  I thought this would never happen, first I thought, “he can never win.”  Then I thought, “they will find a way to stop it, pray for his safety.” And today I thought, it’s really happening.  Can I breathe now?

I was touched by the solemnity of the Obama’s greeting the Trumps. I found the view of Mrs. Obama cheering her husband very touching. I thought Hillary Clinton was very classy in the way she acted,  I wish her followers had been watching.  I found President Trump’s tribute to Mrs. Clinton at the luncheon to be a very class act, and it seemed heartfelt.

All in all a good day for America.

The link to the article is broken, the headline is President pledges new era of ‘America first’ and says ‘the people’ will rule again : This is how it begins: The 45th president’s speech struck an unusually pessimistic tone — especially for a man taking office at a time of broad economic prosperity. They are prosperous in DC, that is all that matters.

There were protests and there WERE riots.  Picking on a ten year old.

Trump thanked Hillary for being there.

So DC has clarified their police body camera rules.  I suspect they have them on a lot today. There is a major riot, not a protest, going on only blocks from the parade route.

The man is getting right to work, Mattias and Kelly are confirmed and sworn in; and this shocker. “In his first hours as president Friday, Donald Trump ordered an immediate regulatory freeze and directed federal agencies to “ease the burden” of ObamaCare.  Meaning, don’t even think about instating those last minute roadblocks.

The Washington Post outed the New York Times on their false story about Perry.

And you cannot miss this, fail to link it and you miss a big laugh.


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