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Why some wise men fear Trump.

The Pope said that the new President deserved to be judged by his actions, not by “prophecies” of what he may or may not do.

Look at how much Soros was involved in the funding of the women’s march, written by a Muslim woman who voted for Trump.

Obama’s DOJ is no longer in charge, but will these people be tried by a jury of their peers.  Will their peers acquit them? Will they actually get prison time?  We will have to wait and see.

This tie to the Hamas group to the Woman’s march organizer was actually admitted to on c-span this morning.  After all the calls were done.  A caller had told them where to go to find it, they had not know about it.  They need to check the Daily Caller as closely as they follow the NYT and Washington Post.

What I posted on Facebook this morning concerning the Women’s March:

I write this knowing some will take offense to it.  So be it.  I worked with illiterate adults enough to know how hard their lives and the lives of their children are.  And I know it is not getting better for them, it has gotten worse.

I look at all the marches yesterday where so many traveled so far to get to them.  Travel is not cheap.  Only those who could afford to managed to get to the major cities.  So many women were working all day, or could not afford it.

Many of those women are living in shelters or in their homes but in poverty. Probably more women living hand to mouth than we have any idea of.

How much more love would have been shown had that travel money been given to the local shelters for abused women? How much money would have been raised?  When we see millions of women marched, we know millions could have been raised to help those in shelters, to help those who are homeless and to help fund the volunteer organizations every city has for the purpose of helping others.

I know many woman marched in their own cities or those close by in their own states.  But many traveled long distances to get to the major cities.  I know the hats are cute and didn’t cost that much, I will give them leeway on that money spent on that and for marching in local cities.

I would now ask everyone who marched to give to their local abused women’s shelters, to the NGO homeless shelters, and to go tutor either adults or youngsters who are going to be left behind because of their low level reading skills.  That will show me you actually feel the love.

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