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The Brainwashing of a Nation.

America to the Liberal Elite- “new phone, who dis?”  Language warning if you link the video actually named this.  Good article otherwise.

Just heard about this Irish columnist , Ian O’Doherty  .  I really like him.  You have to sign up to read it, it’s long and well worth reading.  A Two Fingers to a Politically Correct Elite. 

 From the middle of his post: We have been going through a cultural paroxysm for the last 10 years – the rise of identity politics has created a Balkanised society where the content of someone’s mind is less important than their skin colour, gender, sexuality or whatever other attention-seeking label they wish to bestow upon themselves.

In fact, where once it looked like racism and sexism might be becoming archaic remnants of a darker time, a whole new generation has popped up which wants to relitigate all those arguments all over again.

Also from a foreign press Donald Trump, American Hero.  As in the One who rides in to save the day.

Two women who lost loved ones in service to this country were spat upon by women anti-Trump protestor as the were entering and as they left an event where  the American Legion hosted a tribute to Medal of Honor recipients at their Veterans Inaugural Ball.   

Surviving the Cult. Sarah Hoyt who grew up under socialism is scared, and so am I.  It frightens me to see mobs of women shouting crazy stuff and wearing their crazy hats.  I am not afraid for my life, I am afraid for my grandchildren, two of whom have embraced the crazy.

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