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I get an email every morning from Hot Air and look through the headlines to see what to share.  Silly me, today almost all of them are worth sharing.  I’ll just link to Hot Air so you can pick and choose.  There will be some new ones by the time you get there.

Why Obamacare doesn’t work, if they would only admit it.

The head of the ethics office has received a bipartisan rebuke from Congress

The Atlantic tried to say fetal heartbeats were a myth, they had to back track on that.

Good news@ George Soros doesn’t always win.  We knew that when we elected Trump, but did you realize he is working so highly on down tickets?

Climate Follies, also if you look deeply into the data you find the warmest year on record won by only 0.003%

I don’t know why this is a headline, we all know it’s true.  The Associated Press goes to war with Trump.

Have you heard about the undercover story proving Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide pre-natal care?

America’s Second Civil War, or as some of my friends and relatives call it, the uncivil war.

Corrupt Employees already being fired from VA, one on inauguration day.

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