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A lot of people liked Trump’s inaugural speech.

The Myth of Obama’s Popularity

Not speaking out on social or other media is standard practice in business.

More about that second civil war by Richard Fernandez.

Those top State Dep’t. officials were fired.  One reason why: In addition to his role as fixer for Clinton at the State Department, Kennedy was ultimately responsible for decisions regarding security at the Benghazi consulate. The review board did not find Kennedy responsible for the decision to cut security, but chargé d’affaires Gregory Hicks testified he believed Kennedy should have been held at least partly responsible.

Obama had the worst record at the Supreme Court in modern history, and if Justice Roberts had not changed the meaning of a word it would be even worse.

Feds blame “Lapse in Vetting” for letting Syrian Refugees with terrorist ties into the US.  Or maybe not vetting at all.

The truth is out there, Gruber the architect of Obamacare told Tucker Carlson it was never supposed to work for everybody.

It isn’t that easy to immigrate to Canada or Australia.

Have you heard about this study concerning voter fraud?

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