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My first thought of the bugging of the GOP meeting was an anti-Trump mole in the group, but on second thought I wonder if it is from those who are pro-Trump to reveal those who are working against him.  That road could run both directions.

Zuckerberg has discovered you get very bad publicity if you oppose Trump’s wall with Mexico while building one of your own in Hawaii.

More on the “oppositional press.”

I wonder if this is really true. The Palestinian cause is “no longer a top priority” for the Arab world, a Saudi journalist declared earlier this month.  via

The Poll the Press didn’t want you to see

The New York Times view of Trump’s first week, as per Ann Althouse

Read what Chuck Todd has to say on what the media did not report during the run up to the election.  Interesting that they did not want to appear anti-woman but had no problems at all with appearing anti conservative. Or as a commenter said: Except for conservative Christians, gun owners, cops, middle class white people and the other deplorables that liberals despise. #Clueless.

Watch Mia Love speak of what might have been during the March for Life

We saw a cloud like this when leaving Yosemite via Tioga Pass, but we were in the middle of the day and it did not have the beautiful sunset glow.  I wish I could have seen this one.

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