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The Washington Post says first combat death in Trump administration.  That is true but much farther down in the article is this: The operation, which took place in a remote desert area of Yemen’s Shabwa governorate, had been planned for months and aimed to obtain intelligence information, including computer material, that was believed to be linked to planning for external attacks.

People who should know better get opinion pieces in leading newspapers.

The Abortions wars- A war between women?

This should alarm us all Austrian Islamists were in the process of drawing up plans to set up a caliphate in Austria, a massive raid conducted by over 800 Austrian police officers has revealed.

Preibus says “We won’t apologize for keeping America safe.”

Too many Democratic shills in academia.  We’ve all seen those intelligent kids who don’t realize they are brainwashed.

An interesting article on free trade, or just trade in general.

What some newspapers report and other newspapers DO NOT ADMIT, voter fraud.

Liberals fall for fake news.  And the real news report claims at least one was Islamic.  More to come.

From a nurse in Germany.  I do not know this site, so authenticity may be in doubt, but I believe it to be authentic.  I’m afraid that makes me sound like Dan Rather.

And now for a bit of humor, this is long but funny.  A Brief History of the Redneck.

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