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This is the correct link for the Democratic Shills in Academia. It was not correct in yesterday’s post.

I found this from following links from others on Facebook.  A lot to digest todayHumble Pie in Short Supply.  We may call them snowflakes but we gave them their false self esteem.

I suspect this was not the only town in which young women thought they had a license to vandalize. I do believe they have been taught that anything goes to further their ideology.

Was the Quebec shooter Canada’s Dylan Root?

With Staff like this student’s do not even have to plan their own protests.

Oh the humanity!  Trump is actually doing what he said he would do

Team Clinton is still working on excuses for their loss.

Quinnipiac Poll: voters limits on immigration.  Probably a surprise to the poll takers.

Sally Yates sees herself as a heroic model, I am sure.  But she really was foolish.

Was a Yemeni suicide attempt on a Saudi ship meant for a US ship?

Obama Turned Away 91 Cuban Refugees two days before the Trump inauguration.

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