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This sexual misconduct stuff is out of control.

A Tunisian Refugee was arrested in Germany for plotting a terror attack.

Some of those anti Trump rallies were financed by Google.  This leaves me in a quandary, I use google products a lot.  I wish I could give them up, but the internet is rife with them. Do people really understand what open borders even means?  Or are they just the people who are rounded up by Move On, google, and other democrat party manipulators.

President Trump cost a British lord’s employer — Lockheed — more than a half-billion dollars when Trump got the price cut on the F-35   More about it here.

Petraeus says the world order is under threat from a number of sources.  He is a very smart man, but I think we all realize this.

Are Democrats running the Tea Party playbook against Trump.  I didn’t know for sure we have a playbook. I do know that at this point we need a new one and to step up our game.

Joe and Jill Biden have launched the Biden Foundation.  I hope they don’t design it with the Clinton Foundation blueprint.

A friend alerted me to this on Facebook last night.  Cats at a dog show, it should be interesting.


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