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Berkley’s Shame, is also the shame of the progressive left.

Fake news did not alter election results.

The Party of Outrage, apparently some are beginning to think they’ve gone too far.  Of course they have, but will that make them back off.

Probably all of us have some young voters in our families who have fallen prey to Weaponized Empathy. 

There was no “Bowling Green massacre,” in any Bowling Green. There was, as many have pointed out, an incident in 2011 where two Iraqi men were arrested for trying to send weapons to al-Qaeda. Both men admitted to having attacked American troops in Iraq, but no attacks occurred in the United States. The Bowling Green massacre has the happy distinction of being the least-deadly massacre in American history  From an article in the Washington Post making fun of Kellyanne Conway who alluded to the “massacre” she obviously was mistaken but she was referring to a real event.  You have to look hard to find this in the long article dissing Trump and Kellyanne.

The Monica Crowley plagiarism debate goes on, or is debunked, also see this Hot Air article about it.

That transit officer in Denver would be alive today if the FBI and Homeland Security had followed up on the TWO leaders of mosques who reported the shooter as being radicalized.

If you know the history of Nancy Pelosi, whose daughter she is, and how much money she and her husband have made while she is a Representative you will not be surprised at this.   This is from 20114

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