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George Will on inequality facts and figures.

They still don’t know if someone burned the mosque in Victoria, but now we learn this and wonder if it is connected. 

Background on the Judge who stayed the ban on terrorists.

The Trump Opposition: Hell hath no fury like Democrats scorn.  Their headline not mine.

This is very bad news for Baylor.  And it is just the sports part.  How many liberal professors do they have turning our young people into liberals? 

Dakota Access Pipeline protest leader, charged with inciting a riot, 74 arrested. Note: this is not the tribal leader, he was against this man’s actions.

Another Friday release of emails from the FBI, at this point, what difference does it make? Well maybe a lot in the long term, but it is just more icing on the cake of Clinton’s duplicity or stupidity, or arrogance.

If you have any doubts about who funds those rioting protestors, here’s the story.

Try to restrain your excitement — Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and John Kasich are all writing books.

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