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Whistleblower at NOAA, they should not be so political anyway. John Hinderaker at Power Line blog explains what it all means.

The War On Betsey DeVoss is all about the teacher’s unions.  I’ve seen this on the posts I’ve seen on Facebook.   I really do not know if she is qualified or not, but I do know she is not a left leaning liberal.

The Press Eunuchs?  Quite an analogy but a valid point.

400 suspects rounded up in Turkey as they were planning a terrorist attack.  I hope they were actually terrorists as Turkey has a checkered history on dissent lately.

The Enemies Within  I hope Trump reads this.  Meanwhile the EPA is organizing their resistance. We need to abolish it and fire them all.

Bookworm wants us to start boycotting the boycotters. It means that all of these companies have decided that, by extension, you, mainstream people who reject the MSM’s endless lies, hysteria, and hate, and who turn to an up-and-coming media presence that eschews that garbage, are also racist, bigoted, and all sorts of evil. Bookworm lives in Marin county, California and knows a great many, very influential liberals and she is as fed us with them on Facebookas I am with the ones I see on Facebook who follow the lead of those same California liberals. Here is what she hears them saying.

Scott Adams on a thought experiment about Republicans.  And they come out looking pretty good.

The things the NYT knows but is reluctant to reveal.

Google has redefined the word fascist.  That’s a striking difference from how the word has been defined for decades.

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