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The Canadians have a different take on things.  Maybe it is because they are not focused on taking Trump down.

A Rogue Intelligence community, many books have been written about this, I had hoped to avoid it in my lifetime.  According to the New York Times they’ve tried to find something bad but haven’t been able to.

Breaking News from NPR, Flynn did nothing wrong, or nevermind, we got what we wanted, anyway.

If it bleeds it leads, or something like that, and if it doesn’t maybe we can make it bleed, or, or. or. …… Fake news leads.

But dangerous or not, the game is afoot. Richard Fernandez in The Fight for Washington.

Fake News Tries to scrub it Soros sources of insurrection financials.

How to evaluate a president.

Two more anarchists caught by Project Veritas have been arrested.

I’m listening to the President school the press on how to actually cover the news. If you get a change try to catch a video of it.

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