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For the time being at least, China has finally had enough from N Korea.

Those infamous ICE raids got just .07% of those with removal orders.

Yes, things are different here between the coasts.

Politics in middle school.  I think I would have done more than write a note, and apparently this parent did or we would not know about this.

Apparently Democrats have realized impeachment talk isn’t getting them anywhere.  I would be quite pleased if they managed to figure out you are not insane if you disagree with them, also. PESD is PTSD for Dems who cannot stop crying over the election.

The MSM is still not admitting to troubles in Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, or at least one of the contenders.

A Female Muslim who is a life long liberal who voted for Trump.

Sometimes Ann Coulter goes too far, not this time.  The silence of the Lambs congress.

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