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An article in which a reporter has to admit Trump was right about Sweden.  Those in Sweden have many excuses for the bad events.

Democrats attack Trump for enforcing THIER immigration law.

The difference in MCain and Trump.  It’s a big difference.

What do YOU think about the Dreamer situation?

Turkey?  I hope this ends well.  Power is not easily given up by a tyrant.

Using the word enemies is only wrong when the Republicans do it.

I guess I am just too much of an old fashioned girl raised in Texas but this article mentions Ryan didn’t wear a helmet while riding a horse.  The man was on the border, look at the picture, all I see is cowboy hats. A helmet, did they think this was in New York City?

Remember that biased CIA agent that whined he had to quit, he was a contributor to Hillary.

John McCain is such a jerk.  I can’t think of any other way to put it. Behind a paywall but headlines say it all.

The Progressives are anti-Semites  Anti-Semitism is a big problem but why all this blaming of Trump?

That old Story about LBJ and the supposed Cronkite moment


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