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This is one of those stories that leave you just shaking your head.  Jesses Jackson Jr. gets $138,400 in benefits after spending time in prison for stealing from his campaign funds.

Leftist Jews Should Quit Lecturing Trump about Anti-Semitism

More on the new climate theory.

A USA Today editorial seems to think Trump is doing okay globally.  I think they hate to give him that much credit.

Politico is trying to help the Democrats dump their losers.

The mind games of the press and others.

Rep Lieu: Yes, there are groups that are organizing people to show up at town halls.  Oops, he accidentally told the truth while trying to explain it away.

Conservatives want repeal, and they want it now.

Ann Althouse on a Nicholas Kristoff piece on liberals who hate and paint others with a broad brush.  If you can get behind the paywall, here is the original.

Donald Trump’s CPAC speech. Listen at your leisure.

Scott Johnson of Powerline on Hacking then and now.  This is a be sure to read.

Some in higher education are worried about the twitter world of liberalism.

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