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CPAC straw polls strongly favor Trump.

Rules of engagement adjusted

The New Nationalism in America

How Trump Won, that’s not the title of the piece but it is what it is about.  An interesting read.

Maybe some Democrats are smarter than others, Ellison did not win the leadership role.  Alan Dershowitz had threatened to leave if Ellison were elected.

Anti-Trump Democrats are best allies of some Senate Republicans.

Democrats are inviting immigrants to first Trump speech to Congress.   I think the press will love it and not see it as the ploy it is.

The judge will not throw out the Bowe Bergdahl trial because Trump called him a traitor during a campaign speech.

The Leader and organizer of the next women’s march is a Palestinian terrorist.  (I thought she had a hand in that pussy march, too.)

Mike Rowe firmly believes in the American work ethic.

The Climate Science Debate Illusion  I do not agree with Scott Adams on many things but he certainly brings clarity to many other things.  Also this:  Hundreds of scientists petition Trump to withdraw from UN Climate Change Agency.

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