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I’ve been busy and not as much online time.  But today has some wonderful stuff, not even about the speech, yet. (I will certainly link and comment on that later).  I will start with this from Sarah Hoyt’s blog and then go to this which was linked from that post, The Darling Trumps of MayI think they say a lot about where we are and where I hope we are going.  Back to America, back to having abbreviated Americans.  Some of those we will always have with us, but they will not be the leading lights.

The Tea Party is planning to get serious about pushing the RINO’s in congress.

Hollywood is actually making a film about a man who left his homosexual lifestyle.

Scott Adams talks about the speech, like most people, in a most positive way.

The New York Times fact checks, they tried very hard to find something they could label as a lie but alas, they could not.  They could nitpick, however.

AP Fact checked but their fact checking has been checked and found wanting.

The Environmentalist Left’s new agenda

Some Democrats get the importance of vetting the incoming hordes.

Have you heard about the Obamas’ book deals?  How to make money with little work.

From Instapundit:  FAKE NEWS: NPR Failed to Disclose Trump-Bashing CIA Officer As Clinton Donor in Radio Interview.

Hey Dems: Trump and the GOP just signed bills that helps blacks and women minorities.  Not sure if they really need this added help, I haven’t read the details. I do think the poor of whatever color made need some help.  Maybe at the help at grade, middle and high school levels.  Teaching them how to read, live and order their daily lives is what they need.

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