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Oh, my Goodness!  The chicanery of the Obama administration just keeps popping up. I suspect chicanery is too mild a word to be used in that context.

Here is a list of Democrats who also met with that Russian ambassador.  And he sat with them during President Trump’s first address to congress.  The gall of the Democrats knows no bounds.

Mexico really, really doesn’t want those people back.

Loretta Lynch wants more violence.

It is a well know political principle to give the higher ups deniability.  All the talking heads who are acting so outraged at the accusation know this.  There were many reports earlier that when combined are the smoking gun  Mark Levin gave a timeline on his show last week and again this morning on Fox News.  More from Fox News. Levin’s timeline was all from major news sources. Of course all the Democrat regulars are denying Obama did it, while not denying it was done.

I suspect this is a site many would call fake news, but it has a very good outline of Obama and the Democrats plans to do in President Trump. Obama’s  Illegal Coup Against President Trump.

This happened to be the only portion of the Fox News Sunday show I watched this morning, and Chris Wallace really did hold Chris Coon’s  feet to the fire. But of course, he still hews to the Dems line.

At last, Trump is really fighting back and asking Congress to investigate the taps.

Even Vanity Fair is telling the Democrats they have overplayed their hand, in nicer words that these.

I could post more links on this but there is just so much garbage being pushed by the left and so much explaining it on the right it is overwhelming. 

I do believe there are several key objectives by the left. Number One is to make Trump a one term or less president. Number Two is to stop him from achieving the promised changes.  Some have already been achieved, but trust me, there will be major lawsuits trying to stop any EPA changes and immigration changes. 

Maybe tomorrow we will have some news of what is actually happening in the world.

We have yet to see if the Republicans will actually be brave enough to repeal Obamacare. That will be an ongoing struggle for a while. Having to fight your own party for the promises you were elected on would only happen with a Republican president.  We have seen how faithful the Democrats are to their own party line.

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