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The Real News of the day is about N Korea  I’ve just started reading O’Reilley’s book, Killing the Rising Sun. Very interesting, and brings back a lot to memory.

And here’s the gossip news.  Some of it very troubling.

This is as serious as it gets.  That is true, but will anything come of it.  Stonewall is the name of the game with these people.

I usually do not send a link to the Gateway Pundit as I think he went a little off track in being so pro Trump during the election.  But I will make an exception here because it is good data on the wiretapping Obama has done as shown by Wikileaks.  Hard to deny those Wikileaks.

Roger L. Simon says if he were a Democrat, he would be afraid, very afraid.  I wish that were necessary, but they will always have the media to back them. Nothing to see here, move on along. But if there is nothing to see where did they get all those other accusations.  Bushes AG believes it

The TSA has been stonewalling and even the Democrats don’t like it.

Glenn Reynolds sums up some of the wiring affair in an article in USA Today.

An article about that black guy claiming to be an anti-Semitic white girl.  It’s crazy.

Obama Administration Funneled Billions into Left-Wing Activist Groups.

OPPOSITION PARTY IN ACTION: NYT columnist Nick Kristof asks IRS to leak Trump’s tax return via Instapundit.

Sauce for the goose:  A Thank You to Mark Levin.

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