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More news about those N Korean Missiles.

Trump issues new executive order on travel and immigration – a very good explanation.

The man who knows history writes on Nemisis and the Unintended Consequences the Democrats have brought down upon themselves. This is long but worth it.

And my other favorite essayist talks about long knives and fight techniques.  He speaks of Trumps  strategy: The most singular thing about Donald Trump’s wiretap accusation against Barack Obama is how he’s refusing to play the game of extremities — losing a Flynn here and getting a Sessions paralyzed there — and getting right into lethal range. Trump’s gone right past Schumer, ignored the surrogates and gone straight for the former president himself.  Read it all, you will enjoy it.

Even after being injured in “free speech” protests, this liberal professor just doesn’t get it.

This is a very good judgment to read, at least for some of us.  TX vs the USA I would have linked the original but it is a pdf download.

The above two links lead right into this article on Our Alternative Moral Universe.

And then we go right on into this: The Republic Strikes Back.

This says all Roads Lead Back To Brennan.  Do they?

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