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This is a site the Washington Post would call a “fake news” site.  But here is something the Washington Post would never tell on itself.  I started a subscription to WaPo before the Jeff Bezos buy out. It has always been liberal, but as you have seen I have complained many times about the absolute concentration of that newspaper on anti-Trump articles.  I can easily believe this.  More here.

A commentary on Trump “scandals.”

As a Teacher and a Woman, she doesn’t like this day one bit.

This is a very interesting reaction to Clinton’s words coming from a man, and Trump’s words coming from a woman.  It was not the result they expected. Rush talked about this on his show today.

Tom Brokaw says “Rage is not a Policy.”  I watched Van Jones as he schooled some fellow CNN liberals on what he thinks, and where they are wrong. He’s still a liberal but he says facts must be faced on the Democrat failures.  He has been traveling around mid-America and talking to people.  He understands why Trump won the election.  He doesn’t like Trump but he understands.

Howard Dean says there is no room for pro-lifers in the Democratic Party.  I’m wondering why Joe Scarborough thought there was.

Obamacare and GOPcare: getting reconciled with the process of reconciliation

Former CIA boss says Millennials for leaks he said: In order to do this kind of stuff, we have to recruit from a certain demographic…and I don’t mean to judge them at all but this group of Millennials and related groups simply have different understandings of the words loyalty, secrecy and transparency than certainly my generation did. So we bring these folks into the agency, good Americans all I can only assume but again culturally they have different instincts than the people who made the decision to hire them.  Again I’m left wondering, “just who does he think taught them to think that way? Yes, liberal educators, I’m pointing fingers at you.

Claim: Global Warming Creating Thicker Ice in the Baltic jut shaking my head at this.

instapundit Reader And Security Expert Eric Cowperthwaite Answers Some Questions About The Latest Cia Hack     This probably doesn’t make you feel better.  via Ann Althouse

Snowflakes Melting: Huge Rise in Personality Disorders Among Millennials  when they are in your family it is even more alarming.

Deconstructing the Administrative State  more on unintended consequences.

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