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Former Trump Security Adviser Flynn admits Turkey Lobbying.  This must be the real reason he was fired.

  It looks like conservative aren’t ready to sell the government to Sheldon Adelson

IRS: Say, we still have 7,000 unreleased docs about targeting conservatives

The Therapeutic University

VDH on Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff  I think he is saying what I’ve been told, take care of the little stuff and the big stuff takes care of itself.  Meaning, of course, the big stuff is an accumulation of little stuff.

Did the Obama administration have a hand in the resignation of Pope Benedict?  Will we every really know what happened?

Khzir Khan’s story that he was stopped by the Trump administration from going to Canada to give a speech may be unraveling.  And since this was the WaPo admitting this I think we can safely say, it has unraveled and is a non-story except for his lies about it.

Ten Pieces of good news for President Trump this week.  Have you noticed that even Fox New’s Bret Baier sometimes still says President Obama?


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