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How John Brennan and the Brits tried to tip the election to Hillary.

Those highly touted (screamed)  Trump Tax Returns did much more good than harm for him, so of course now the conspiracy theory is that he was the one who leaked them.  And according to this they were old news, released by Trump a year ago.

The Washington Post has had a very busy year sliming Trump every day and ever4y which way, but they have finally noticed something bad is going on in Turkey.

Liberals just don’t understand turning more control over to states and asking Medicaid recipients to get jobs and pay part of their own way. We all know how many more were added to those rolls to make Obamacare look good.  We all know there are those who genuinely need our help and then there are those who need to help themselves.

Had you heard about this? Eight current and former Navy officials — including an admiral — were named in a new indictment in the “Fat Leonard” bribery case on Tuesday.  I had not, another case of the WaPo being too involved with dissing Trump to lead with stories like this.  It was way down on the only page but at least it was there.

Son of an Islamic Terrorist has turned to the right side and says Obama has done a lot of damage.

Healthcare issues.  Richard Fernandez writes of this in Monkey Trap.  I don’t listen to Michael Savage, his presentation is just too savage as far as I am concerned, but he is right on more than one occasion, just linking one though. 

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