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What about those threats against Trump and his administration?  Are threats okay now?

Look who was probably behind that McDonald’s tweet to Trump.  They act like high school kids.

FBI Deputy Director failed to include his wives ties to Hillary on his financial disclosure forms.  However,  since she was running for the Virginia State senate they should have checked a little bit more than usual. The donations from Clinton bundlers and McAuliffe’s political action committee totaled nearly $600,000; however, none of these donations appeared on the 2015 “Executive Branch Personnel Financial Disclosure Report  filed by McCabe………..                      While there is a box on the forms for spousal income, the Office of Government Ethics does not require that executive branch personnel fill it out. Political donations to a spouse’s campaign are also not required to be disclosed. OGE justifies their decision citing a lower level of transparency for spouses.”

Police in Spain found this terrorist cache of weapons in January and it is just now being leaked to the people of Europe.  Also in Fox news yesterday.

Politifact once again insists illegals are not criminals

How many times have we been told illegals get no food stamps?  Many, many times. So then, how does this happen?  Of course Washington Post doesn’t dare use that word, illegal, in a headline.

From one of those “fake news” sites: Lawyer connected to Challenge to Trumps travel ban is connected to Obama and Osama bin Laden’s driver.  And from Powerline: A Liberal Coup is in Progress

 Michael Savage violently assaulted outside restaurant in Marin County Bookworm the blogger lives in Marin County. I hope she is well disguised.

Perceptions aren’t reality but they do matter. Perceptions are that Trump’s Policies are working.

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