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Did Donna Brazile just admit to giving questions to both DNC candidates?

More Illegals are trying to get into Canada, Trump’s policies are working.

Trump’s G20 stance is winning them over.

from Instapundit: U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Fall 3 Percent: Global emissions flat for 3rd year in a row despite strong economic growth

Also from Instapundit posted by Ed Driscoll: Posted at 3:00 am by Sarah Hoyt

MY PARENTS AUDITED NUMEROUS “ADULTING” CLASSES — THEY WERE CALLED “THE DEPRESSION,” “WORLD WAR II” AND “THE COLD WAR:” ‘Adulting’ classes prove millennials’ nitwit parents are to blame.

When someone, or even you, complains about the programs President Trump wants to cut you need to apply the Poor Taxpayer Tests as outlined by Willis Eschenbach.

When it comes to documentaries apparently it is no longer conservatives need not apply.

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