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I trust Ted Cruz.  I know he is a politician, but I also know he has struggled to keep his promises .

I opened several links to these Slate articles and then decided to just link to the site, you can pick an choose what you want to read, check out the bias and make up you own mind on the veracity of any claims versus actual statements.

I don’t know about you, but I have watched enough crime shows to think patience could have saved the life of this woman.

Is Spice finally getting his groove on as spokeman?

Rush Limbaugh on the Comey hearings.  From yesterday, I’ll try to listen to today’s to see what he has to say.

Oh, so now you say you cannot correct false reporting on what you are doing. Really?

We already knew about the so called “impartial” press.

Tim Allen is being castigated for being conservative and telling the truth about today’s Hollywood culture.

The headlines on this story is backward, it should have the last phrase first. An honest headline would read:  Lawmaker alleges New Documents Show Trump Aide Laundered Payments from Party with Moscow Ties.  You will see it doesn’t read that way.

A Strange Juxtaposition on Washington Post:

This is already a long list of links, there are many more I could add, but I just suggest you go to and check all those links and choose the ones you want to read.

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