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Do you think the Trump is Hitler bomb has really be defused? Scott Adams does.

Finally some violent anti-Trump protestors are arrested for assaulting Trump supporters.

Trump has resurrected the long neglected Medaol of Honor Day. Good for him.

And also from Gateway Pundit is this: Trump Credited By Israeli Police for Push That Solved Bomb Threats Case, US Media Ignores

Posted by Stephen Green on Instapundit: A Replica Of The Successful 2015 Obamacare Repeal Is Languishing In Committee.

Wow!   I hope something comes of this. Prosecutors Have Pulled Data From More Than 100 Phones Seized From Inauguration Day Protesters

Facebook, you have a problem with What’s App refusing to allow access to terrorists posts put you at risk as well as us.

Ted Koppel gives his opinion while telling Hannity opinionators are wrong. When they are conservative.

I am so tired of schools of education playing with our childrens lives. Now they have evidence that middle schools are bad for 6th graders and going back to traditional separate elementary and middle schools to kindergarten-through-eighth-grade campuses is the answer. Why did they change it in the first place? Grant money for study and theses? I know some of you are teachers and educators, what is your opinion after reading this article? Have you heard talk of this?

Have you seen the list of the 13 Texas Counties that want to be included in federal money to help enforce immigration. Most are on the coast and in areas where there is a chance for illegals to enter easily.

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