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I won’t be posting again until next week.  We are going to the Hill Country to relax and look at wildflowers.

The Democrats and their media friends would like to find something nefarious about Nunez announcement of Trump and staff being  spied on.

The truth about the Wounded Warrior smear

Gorsuch’s path to 60 votes closing fast.

Many  foreign Au Pairs are treated very unfairly and the state department knew about it.

T he origin of the Obama administration’s investigation of imaginary Trump-Russia collusion remains murky, but this much is clear: John Brennan, Obama’s Trump-hating CIA director, stands at the center of it.

How The European Union lost its way.  Should it have happened in the first place?

The Democrats (some of them) are finally admitting how they lost the election but that isn’t going to stop them from trying to trash and impeach Trump and all his people.

So now they are worried about internet security at Trump’s Mar a Lago but  never mind  about Hillary’s personal server.

Two leading Native American organizations have penned a letter of support for Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination to the leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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