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I’ve never had any doubt about what the climate changers really want, socialism. Actually what they want to do and do not name,  is fascism.

 Last minute plagiarism smear is denied by victim and others who know.  Here’s the smear.

The Pursuit of Trump May Have Caught Obama.  But it doesn’t make a ripple with Democrats.

The shame of spring break.  Why do they even have spring break?

Is Lois Lerner really going to go to jail?  Time will tell, but I will be surprised.  I would like to see it happen.

The tangled mess that is the Clinton’s.

The media marriages and the political establishment  from Don Surber.

Obama had a long term practice of spying on political opponents.  Remember he IS a Chicago politician.

Front Page magazine has an article on spying on political opponents, too. Susan Rice’s  unraveling web of lies.

Border Apprehensions reached 17 year low in March.  They’ve learned Trump wasn’t just blowing smoke.

Falling sea levels brought on by El Nino cause the coral bleaching,  read the rest to get the full scientific story.

All those codes are killing us – from shock when we get those medical bills.

I think most of us knew this.  The case against immigration.

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