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Fact-checking website PolitiFact on Wednesday retracted a 2014 article that found it “Mostly True” the Obama administration helped broker a deal that successfully removed “100 percent” of chemical weapons from Syria.

Trump and the moral dilemma of Syria.

No matter who you voted for, the government got back in. as population/country/army/territory grow, you need bureaucracy to rule it.  You need layers and layers of clerks. Bureaucracy rules and is always going to resist change, especially if it means it gets smaller.

Scott Adams on the risk/benefits of the attack.

23andMe is finally allowed to tell you if you have the genes for Parkinson’s.  via Instapundit.

PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Freedom Watch files ethics complaint against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). He must recuse himself immediately. The precedent has already been set. This investigation is too important to be sullied with the involvement of members with an ethics complaint hanging over their heads.  From Glenn Reynolds who is Instapundit.

Cover-up: 11 Things the media won’t  tell you about Obama spying  on Trump.

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