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Free speech in America is under serious attack, author of pro cop book is shut down as protest turn violent, it was not spontaneous, it was advertised on Facebook.

 I happened to see the episode where David Brooks mentioned Bu-cee’s on Meet the Press and was totally surprised and amused he even knew about Buc-ee’s. They aren’t really truckstops, they are tourist traps, IMHO, but really do have wonderful and clean restrooms.  An update on the really long ago Stuckey;s.

One reason the government doesn’t need to fund public televison. But we need to remember if a private foundation is funding it we should not complain if they put their own spin on news and programs.

The battle is on over spring break in South Padre Island.

For the record Politifact and now the Washington Post fact checkers are giving the back of their hands to Rice and her claim of no chemical weapons in Syria. Four Pinnochio’s is really a turnaround.

The Rotten Obama Record – and Legacy.

When Nobody Knows – Richard Fernandez on N Korea’s nuclear possiblities.

Sweden has learned a terrible lesson on muslim immigrants.

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