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All cable stations and most newspapers avert their eyes to this.  Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge.

The real story of the Migrant Mother. It isn’t what you’ve been told. The photographer news writer did a little creative writing. News has never been truthful, I guess. More reason we need to always check the original source. In this case it would have been impossible to check.

Some people think this looks bad for Trump, some think it makes a liar out of Clapper and others.

I wonder if other government agencies used the policy of not paying interest on payments they made late. When it comes to denying insurance that has been paid into this is very devious.

It’s a little late but an investigation has been launched into the ‘Trump Must Hang’ Professor

David Ignatius got in trouble once before for saying something nice about Trump, I can imagine this will cause him some blowback, too.

Dershowitz give Spice a pass on the Hitler gas gaffe.

The house investigation is focusing in on Susan Rice. About time she was closely questioned and called to account on her lies.

I wouldn’t call the Kansas victory for GOP a blowout but I wouldn’t call it close, either.

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