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Valerie Jarrett is looking for Obama v 2.0  frankly I think one was more than enough.

Two interesting Trump Derangement Syndrome articles.  One from a close aide, the other about David Brooks, the New York Times’ supposed conservative.

Keith Ellison blames Obama got Democrat Party losses, I suspect he will recant this at some point.

Bill Maher stands up for his pal Ann Coulter, he says college campuses treating conservatives this way is the same as book burning,  and he is right.

How the administration is cleaning up the mess Obama left, or at least trying to.

Dirty Harry Reid’s role in Obamagate.

How the campaign to oust O’Reilly worked.

The Clinton Campaign hatched the Russian Hacking Narrative 24 hours after the defeat.

Minnesota lawmakers are looking into why the lection Results Gave This Union Millions. Now State Lawmakers Are Looking Into Voter Fraud.


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