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Richard Fernandez with a bit of a warning, I think.  This is some deep thinking.  Here is some of the same, but with smaller words.  Is it really all coming apart?  I hope not, but we are in the midst of some major history, which we probably will know now the extent of in our lifetimes.

When Politico goes after Obama and the Iran “deal” you know something is really, really wrong.

Janet Napolitano was all around unethical, and maybe a thief to boot.

This article shows what damning with faint praise means, and this article shows what happens when the media is so biased.

Uh oh, Bernie’s wife is a target of an FBI probe– that is two Burlington College board members speculated that the investigation pertained to the purchase of 33 acres of prime lakefront for property for a new campus during Sanders’ tenure.

Do you see the parallels to Hugh Trevor-Roper’s description of the “general crisis” of 1620–60 — as described in this article to events happening today?

The Left’s Culture of Contempt

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