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Every time I think, “no, not gonna send any links today,”  something like this comes along and here I go again. It is clear from Susan Rices’s twitter account she is still proud of spying on Trump.

Maybe it is WE who have been lucky in his enemies.  The Real Clear Politics link was the only one I could get behind the paywall  of the WSJ.  When you get to it the link should go through. You have to get far down into the article, beyond her dislike of the plebian Trump, to get to the real truth of it. And the real truth of it much the same as the article I linked yesterday by Daniel Greenfield, Saving America by hating everyone.

Neocon on AGW: when a scientific theory becomes a religion…  Another instance of the lefties going way too far in their effort to get rid of Bret Stephen at the NYTimes, after his first column.  Oh, the heresy he dares.

The best thing about this article slamming Trump is the comment section.

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