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If there were evidence of collusion between Trump people and Russia Diane Feinstein would have seen it, she has not.

If this doesn’t show bias, there is no such thing as bias.

A week or so ago there was a flurry of people posting video of Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining the difference between X and Y chromosomes causing boys and girls.  It was in an old segment of his TV show for children.  Now if you look for that you will need the way back machine to search, the video has been altered to leave out that section.  What’s a little fact in science when you are a socialist?

Cecile Richards has revealed the true nature of planned parenthood is and plans to stay, as promoting and doing abortions.  It is the money thing.

What do you think of this high school/college idea?  I’ve often heard it said a high school taught in the early 1900’s what college teaches today.

I don’t often link to American Watchtower, but today there are two items of interest. First, An investigation into the Iran deal; Second, Judicial Watch has petitioned and the court has ordered the release of more of the Benghazi emails.  All good to know.

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