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A female liberals point of view was sleep with the boss to get a head start. Not exactly the way she put it, but she really doesn’t explain why it might be wrong. via Neocon.

The court nominees will make you happy.  Unless you are a liberal, then you may have to find a safe space.

The debt bubble landmine Obama left for Trump.  Republicans have a lot to answer for in this, too. Since the 2008 crash, neither Democrats nor Republicans have been interested in creating a sturdier economy. Instead, they’ve built up another bubble, this time in the car and SUV industry.

A teacher in Colorado pasted a photo of his students attacking a pinata of Trump for Cinco de Mayo, he has been placed on leave, and it seems the principal was outraged.  I would hope he is not the only one.

Could a president have stopped the Civil War?  Was it even considered by Jackson? Why yes, yes it was, he saw it coming and wanted to prevent it.

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